Levels Description



Can understand and discuss the complex topics fluently. Can read texts fluently and can understand quickly and accurately the common and uncommon vocabularies. Can write Interrelated and accurate essays using a big number of vocabularies, phrases and expressions.


Can understand, discuss the common topics and deal with the uncommon terms with a moderate Fluency. Can read texts in acceptable fluent, including the poetry texts. Can understand the general context and derive the Incomprehensible terms within the context. an write advanced essays using a good amount of vocabularies, phrases and synonyms.


Can understand and discuss the common topics and some of the specialized topics. Can read some specialized texts. Can understand the general context and derive the uncommon terms from the context. Can write good and detailed texts, and can write essays in general areas.


Can understand general information and opinions and express them. Can understand and participate in the simple arguments. Can read general texts easily, and understand the general meanings and some relevant details. Can deal with different lexicons. Can write a detailed text using the basic vocabularies.


Can understand the simple instructions and opinions in the daily life and can express himself easily. Can pronounce the common Arabic words, and can understand text contain the basic vocabularies. Can write a simple paragraph and write a text expressing himself.


 Can understand and participate in simple conversations, with capability to predict the context. Can pronounce letters and simple words and can understand the basic written information. Can write simple phrases and sentences.