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Arabic summer school in Jordan

For an unforgettable experience


16 Great interactive learning of Arabic over three months

16 Entertaining programme and visits to the most beautiful places in Jordan

16 You can chose the course duration that suit you

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Study Programme


16 Minimum of 15 learning hours per week.

16 Course length: Minimum of four weeks.

16 You can enroll in the programme at the start of any week in the summer school.

16 Classes run every week from Sunday to Thursday.

16 Our programme is including several educational skills which focuses on vocabulary building, writing and reading skills, in addition to conducting workshops sessions and some field applied activities (for example: Group projects, presentation, media learning aid,as well as the great opportunity of having a learning mentor; Jordanian university students who will help you practice the daily use of language.

16 our program focuses basically on the classic and modern Arabic language, in addition to providing the local accent for whom are interested in such learning.

16 A free placement test will be held for each student upon his arrival.



We arrange an entertainment and tour programme that meets the needs of the visiting student, and offers him/her the chance to explore Jordan and the traditions of its people. This includes:

Cultural visits: You will visit the libraries of Amman, the water reserve, the zoo, the Royal Automobile Museum, etc.

Adventures and excitement: This includes car racing, paintball, water walking, mountain climbing, horse riding, Cycling tours,sport competitions, and camping in “Wadi Rum” Valley.

Historical and touristic sites: visits to the The Roman Theatre, The Rabadh Castle of Ajloun, ancient churches of Madaba, The Dead Sea, the charming city of Petra and The Red Sea (Aqaba).




The cost for one week is only ($220).

Fees includes:

(1) The study programme (one week).

(2) Joining the Language Club (Arabic Club) – 2 hours a week.

(3) Text books.

Accommodation fees: (less than one kilometer away from the institute):

A single bedroom costs (180 USD) per week.

Twin shared bedroom costs (120 USD) per person per week.


10% discount for groups of 5 students or more

* Besides, we offer: Meeting and airport transport service, and health insurance.

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