Why Jordan?

There are a lot of charming attractions and archaeological sites to visit, such as:

Petra: One of the world’s eight wonders. A city full of eye-catching facades and houses stunningly carved into rose-red sandy cliffs.

Dead Sea: Well known for its high salinity, which makes floating on its surface an exciting experience. Visitors of the Dead Sea can enjoy being surrounded by the natural-salt rocks on its beaches, and apply its mineral-rich mud on their bodies.

Wadi Rum: A valley where you can best enjoy the spectacular sunset scenes.

16 Jordan is part of the blessed land of the Levant. It hosts many Islamic and Christian holy sites.

16 The weather of Jordan is pleasant and relatively mild.

16 Jordan is a safe and stable country. Jordanians are characterized by generosity and warming hospitality.

16  The Jordanian dialect is easy to learn and close to classical Arabic.

16 Food in Jordan is delicious, tasty, has a special luster, and affordable.