Why Arab Tongue Institution?

16 Our certificates are accredited by the Jordanian Ministry of Education.

16 We have a high-qualified teachers holding at least Bachelor or equivalent degrees higher studies degrees. All our teachers are specialized with in teaching Arabic to non-native speakers.

16 We offer an interactive and unique syllabus.

16 We offer 180 to 200 teaching hours for each level.

16 A convenient location that is close to transportation services and amenities. It has modern facilities and highly equipped teaching classrooms providing an excellent learning environment.

16 We provide 6 teaching levels with an average duration of 12 to 16 weeks for each level, from beginner to advanced level.

16 Our fees are affordable considering the facilities and services provided, as well as the quality of teaching and learning activities.


Additional advantages

16 We offer students an a residency permit.

16 We arrange for accommodation, for those interested, in locations within close proximity to our institution.

16 We offer an airport transportation service.

16 A fee discount for groups and students home progress on to higher levels.

16 Free language placement test.

16 The institution is equipped with wireless internet.

16 Maximum number of students per class is 16.

16 Our students may use the library of the university of Jordan (situated 0.6 miles away).

16 Our institution has a canteen which offers hot/cold drinks and desserts.

16 We arrange a touristic, entertaining, social and cultural program specifically designed to meet the desires of foreign students. Through this program students will have the chance to get acquainted to the country and culture of its people. It offers the chance to learn colloquial Arabic through chatting with natives.