• Amman- the capital of Jordan

    Amman is the commercial and administrative center of Jordan, it is the heart of commerce and education, Amman became an attractive center for many Arab communities because of its unique location and modern architecture, many tourists from western Europe, south America, Japan, Australia and other countries visit Amman annually, and many families from gulf states in particular. There are many tourist attractions in general and medical in particular.

  • Al Deer- Petra

    One of the important buildings in Petra, dating back to the first half of the first century BC, it consists of two floors, it is believed that it contains statues with moving crowns, it is bigger than the treasury, it is 50m width and 50m high.

  • Al Khazneh- Petra

    The craved treasury into rocks is one of the most famous places in Petra, and the most important one, where the Nabateans chosen its location carefully as the first place faces the visitor after entering the city.

  • Aqaba

    A Jordanian city located in the coast of the Red Sea in the far south of Jordan, the center of Aqaba governorate, 330 km far from Amman, it is the only sea port of Jordan.

  • Petra – the pink city

    One of the world’s eight wonders. A city full of eye-catching facades and houses stunningly carved into rose-red sandy cliffs.

  • Dead Sea

    Well known for its high salinity, which makes floating on its surface an exciting experience. Visitors of the Dead Sea can enjoy being surrounded by the natural-salt rocks on its beaches, and apply its mineral-rich mud on their bodies.

  • Wadi Rum

    It calls Wadi Al Qamar (the valley of the moon) due to the similarity of its terrain to the moons'. A valley located in the south of Jordan, 70 km far from Aqaba, Wadi Rum is the common and used name in media, while the majority of the tourist places and camps are outside Rum village.

  • Al Masjed Al Hussaini

    The oldest mosque in Amman, it was founded by prince Abdul Allah the first Bin Al Hussein in 1923, it was named this name in ascription to Al Sharif Hussein Bin Ali.